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Engaging Communities


Focusing on Well-Being

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RISE was founded in 2012 by three Colorado Latinas. As teachers and organizers, they saw first-hand how crucial families are to the educational achievement of students of color in public schools. RISE works to Educate, Engage, and Empower low-income families and students of color to RISE as change agents for educational equity in Aurora Public Schools. RISE is committed to supporting families with holistic wraparound services, recognizing that a family cannot focus on advocating for their children’s education if their basic needs are not being met.


RISE’s work during the pandemic is a notable demonstration of this commitment by disrupting food insecurity through the distribution of culturally responsive hot meals and fresh food boxes; supporting mental health and wellness by engaging licensed therapists to lead monthly wellness sessions in families’ native languages; and alongside partners distributed over $1.4 million in direct cash assistance for families. Thanks to these supports, RISE Family and Student Leaders were able to continue advocating for educational equity, even in the middle of a global crisis.

RISE Colorado is putting Family and Student Leaders’ well being first in the movement for educational equity.

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