Transforming the education landscape.

We’re invested in innovative educational spaces.

At Margulf, we ignite a passion for learning in a number of ways. One of our areas of focus is on learning environments that offer new opportunities to children.

Learning environment grants.

What qualifies as a learning environment? It should aspire to be an innovative educational space, either in or outside of school time. One that helps all children grow into well-rounded individuals capable of making a positive impact in society.

Our grantees include:

HadaNõu Collective | Impact Research

The HadaNõu Collective (HNC) finds, develops, and coordinates education leaders who co-create learning spaces with communities. Their primary goal is to make it easier for students, families, and educators to shape the direction and focus of their own education.


Launch Network | Stedman Elementary Pilot

Launch Network exists to close equity and opportunity gaps by creating holistic, personalized, student-centered communities for families who want an exceptional education.


Roaring Fork School District | Student Capstones Launch

As of 2018, all graduating Roaring Fork School District students complete a “Capstone”, a culminating academic and intellectual experience that encourages students to think critically, solve challenging problems, and develop skills such as public speaking, research, and teamwork.