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Ankita Jhaveri


Associate Director

Fun Facts
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Ankita enjoys partaking in the local wine whenever adventuring abroad.

A fervent reader, Ankita keeps 2-3 books on hand at all times and always starts a new book by reading the last page first.

Ankita met her husband when she was 12 and he was 10; they’ve been friends ever since.


As our Associate Director, Ankita (she/her) plays an active role in building and maintaining relationships with our grantees and stakeholders. Her experience as an immigrant (born and raised in India) threads through her many identities - mom, wife, sister, neighbor, learner, teacher, and everything in between - and serves as a daily reminder to never stop fighting for what’s right so all young people can live meaningful lives. At her core, she is  a believer in change. Ankita’s passion for serving youth is evidenced by the 12+ years of experience she brings to our team having served as a nonprofit consultant in the education, youth development, and family economic empowerment spaces.

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