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Dee Arias


Operations Coordinator

Fun Facts
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Dee is a New Yorker at heart; originally from Manhattan, they grew up in the Hudson Valley before moving to Denver in 2016.

Margulf’s resident movie critic, Dee loves supporting local theaters like The Mayan, The Esquire, and the Chez Artiste.

Dee remains an active part of the Chinook Fund as a member of their Resource Mobilizers Committee. 


As our expert coordinator, Dee (he/they) helps keep our team on task and our internal systems in tact. But Dee’s favorite part of the job falls outside of our internal operations – it’s getting to meet our amazing grantees and learn more about their impact. Dee is no stranger to the Colorado nonprofit space, having served in various roles, including event planning and donor engagement, for local organizations focused on family empowerment and supporting those experiencing homelessness. Dee is an alum of the Chinook Fund’s Giving Project, where they volunteered their time to fundraise for grassroot organizations in Colorado.

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